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Gloucester City , NJ 08030
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April 6, 201810:34 AM
Want to send a big Thank You to Kim for choosing E-Z Tree Care as her Tree Removal Company. She had a lot of choices but decided to keep it in town!!!
March 25, 201807:33 AM
March 25, 201807:32 AM
March 25, 201807:32 AM
March 25, 201807:32 AM
March 25, 201807:32 AM
March 25, 201807:32 AM
March 25, 201807:31 AM
March 11, 201808:27 AM
Emergency Tree Services Emergency Tree Services in South Jersey | Emergency Tree Services in South... Well if you live in South Jersey than you know all about winter Storms. In the past 10 days the area has been hit with 2 Nor'eater's, that brought down many tree's throughout the area.
Well if you live ...

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The Best Tree Service SOuth Jersey has to Offer
  • 5
    "Michael McKenney III"

    2015-12-19 10:22:46
  • 5

    The BEST Tree Service South Jersey has to offer. BEST Prices in South Jersey

    2015-10-26 09:26:00
  • 1
    "Alicia Willetts Orse"

    I only put one star because you have too. We paid cash and a year later I'm still waiting for the job to be done. Joe the owner said he was personally going to come out to my house 3 time and still waiting. He said they would pay for a basement window to be replaced, still waiting. Don't use this company unless you want headaches. This wax an awful experience. Joe the owner is NOT a man of his word.

    2015-09-22 20:28:31
  • 1
    "Dawn Young"

    After getting an estimate, they've told me twice that they would be out to do the work on my tree. No show, no call both times. They do not respond to voice messages-the only time I get to speak with anyone is if I happen to catch them in the office. Even then there is no follow up. I am incredibly disappointed and will now be looking for another company to do the work on my tree. This is certainly no way to run a business.

    2015-07-29 18:18:59
  • 1
    "Summer Sarajian Davis"

    Stay away from this company. Joe, the owner appears to be honest and trustworthy when trying to get your business. After being hired and paid in full he did not complete the job. I have a stump that covers half of my front yard to prove the incomplete work. We have been waiting for over a month for his “stump guy” to return. Of interest is that he picks up the phone when we dial from a new number, thinking it is a request for a new tree job. He continues to promise to complete the job, yet as of this review has yet to show up. Consider yourself warned if you choose to deal with Joe and EZ Tree Care. EZ Rip Off is more like it.

    2015-06-16 15:48:52
  • 4
    "Steven Lasky Sr."

    Looks good

    2015-04-12 09:15:45
  • 5
    "Dave Paris"

    Very professional and E-Z to work for. One of the best and well equipped company's I've worked for.

    2015-01-15 13:34:00
  • 1
    "Jesse Fatcher"

    2015-01-12 16:37:39
  • 5
    "John Paul Skye Cook"

    These guys are great,I had 2 large trees removed from my yard because they were ready to topple over,not only did they remove my trees,but they also removed a few smaller trees at no extra charge,I see people complaining about them not cleaning or showing up.I had no problems with them.Everything was on time and Cleaned up better then when they started!

    2014-10-29 16:59:11
  • 5
    "Kat VanHorn"

    The best company ever kind and fast I thank god that I found them

    2014-10-17 13:05:27
  • 3
    "Jordan Smith"

    2014-01-07 02:44:48
  • 5
    "Dan Musick"

    The best around

    2013-12-09 10:47:36
  • 5
    "Joseph Klaudi Jr"

    If you are in need of Professional Tree Services anywhere in South Jersey Call E-Z Tree Care

    2013-12-09 10:38:13
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606 Sydwood Ave
Gloucester City, NJ 08030

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